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If you are guilty of a secret desire to tread the boards there are plenty of opportunities to join,what we hope will be, a fun and enthusiastic cast. Please see the cast list and character synopsis below.


The production will take place in Goudhurst Village Hall on the 14th and 15th October and rehearsals will mainly take place in Goudhurst on  Tuesday evenings. 


Auditions will be held on Tuesday 24th May - 7 - 9pm and Saturday 28th May - 2.30-5.30 in Goudhurst. Auditions will be fairly relaxed and informal with the Director Charlotte Butterworth and will last around 15 minutes per person. You dont have to prepare an audition piece but it would be a good idea to have read the synopsis so you have an idea of which part you would like to read for. 


Please email for further information or to book your preferred 15 minute slot.


We very much look forward to hearing from you. 

Synopsis and parts for Witness for the Prosecution.


It’s 1953. Mr Leonard Vole stands accused of the murder of a wealthy older woman, Miss Emily French. Vole’s solicitor, Mayhew, engages the famous QC, Sir Wilfred Robarts to defend him. Leonard’s alibi relies on the testimony of his wife, Romaine Vole. If convicted of murder, he will hang.


A gripping court case ensues where Sir Wilfred, acting for the defence and Myers for the prosecution, battle it out. Along with expert witnesses, Miss French’s bitter housekeeper gives damming evidence agains Leonard Vole. And then Mrs Vole steps into the witness box…


Is Leonard guilty of murder ? The jury must decide


Cast *Greta - Sir Wilfred’s secretary. (female) bit silly at times, character part *Carter - (male or female) hard working diligent chief clerk **Mayhew - ( male or female) Leonard’s solictor. An experienced solicitor who is friends with Sir Wilfred and wants to do his best for Leonard **Leonard Vole (male) Accused for murder, a charming man, working class, who appears a bit naive.


**Sir Wilfred Robarts QC -(male) A highly successful barrister that commands respect. Assertive, confident.


*Inspector Hearne - any age/gender (old enough to be an inspector) Plain Clothes policeman (male or female) **Romaine Vole (German wife) - female, ideally should do German or similar accent. Very self possessed, intelligent and poised.


*Clerk -(any gender, age) in charge of the court. Likely to speak to audience and orchestrate the audience ‘jury vote’. On stage throughout court scenes *Usher (any age gender)not lots of lines, but lots of action, on stage throughout the two court scene, serious, swears everyone in *Warder - (any gender, age) guards Lenonard throughout trial, couple of lines. *Judge Wainwright (any gender, old enough to be a judge). Keeps the barristers in check **Myers - (any gender) prosecution counsel , confident and clever barrister *Doctor - (any gender), serious doctor that gives medical evidence in court. 1 scene *Clegg - (any gender) lab assistant, expert witness - short scene but could be good character part **Janet McKenzie - Scottish housekeeper, female (only 1 scene but very important, great character part). Bitter and some comedic moments Foreman of the jury - delivers the verdict, sits in audience (might even be an audience member) Policeman *Woman - (female) Attractive girl with assertive voice, bit tarty.


Potential for more clerks, stenographer etc - non speaking roles ** Leading roles, many lines *supporting roles with fewer lines, but lots of potential for characterisation Some of the smaller roles, and non speaking parts will be very important in doing the changes of scene, which will be ‘choreographed’ carefully

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