Blame it on Beckett, thank you Mr Morogiello!

It's a daunting task, selecting a play. Will the treasurer approve (he can be very strict and has a 'certain look'), casting is never too much of an issue in Goudhurst thankfully and this year we had a lot of talented people interested.

I like a script where you immediately start hearing the characters, you get a great image in your head of what they should/might look like, the next exciting part is when your prospective cast start reading through the lines.

We had real goosebumps with the cast for this production, there was a beautiful moment when it all sounded right during the auditions, such a happy moment!

And... well its going pretty well, we have a very squeaky bed, we have lots of coffee cups and we have a cast that sound like real people (honestly, directors dont always say that a month from opening!) we are searching for for a matched pair of scruffy desks if you happen to have a couple lurking somewhere?

And the cast..

we have

Gareth Ward is Dramaturg Jim Foley

Siana Weston is intern and Beckett fan Heidi Bishop

Helen Cheales is playwright Tina Fike

David Wrighton is Production Manager Mike Braschi

Tickets for GADS productions are only £10, this is going to be an utter bargain!

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