Blame it on Beckett, thank you Mr Morogiello!

It's a daunting task, selecting a play. Will the treasurer approve (he can be very strict and has a 'certain look'), casting is never too much of an issue in Goudhurst thankfully and this year we had a lot of talented people interested.

I like a script where you immediately start hearing the characters, you get a great image in your head of what they should/might look like, the next exciting part is when your prospective cast start reading through the lines.

We had real goosebumps with the cast for this production, there was a beautiful moment when it all sounded right during the auditions, such a happy moment!

And... well its going pretty well, we have a very squeaky bed, we have lots of coffee cups and we have a cast that sound like real people (honestly, directors dont always say that a month from opening!) we are searching for for a matched pair of scruffy desks if you happen to have a couple lurking somewhere?

And the cast..

we have

Gareth Ward is Dramaturg Jim Foley

Gareth Ward is Jim Foley, Dramaturg & closet academic

Siana Weston is intern and Beckett fan Heidi Bishop

Helen Cheales is playwright Tina Fike

David Wrighton is Production Manager Mike Braschi

Tickets for GADS productions are only £10, this is going to be an utter bargain!

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