Ticket sales...

And now comes the scary bit; the actors should be very nearly ready (and they are, they have worked so hard on this play) the props list has been gathered, the front of house, back stage and technical teams have been found.

We have posters, we have three box office venues and a website with a link to ticket source and there's the scary bit, we need bums on seats.

So reasons to be purchasing a ticket to Blame it on Beckett..

1. Its funny, its a proper, well written, beautiful piece of theatre. There are some howlers in there and some very funny pieces for the scene changes.. you may recognise a certain local radio host around the end of scene 3...

2. You can have supper at The Vine first, so very civilised and all for the bargain price of £30!

3. We are actually quite good at this, every performance someone in the audience is heard to say 'wow, that was impressively good'. We may be a small group but we sure pack a lot of talent

so... buy a ticket, for £10 its a really good night out, for £30 an even better one with some good food as well as a good bit of theatre... we'll impress you, we promise

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